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What is Compliance?

The University of Queensland is a massive organisation and runs a myriad of programs, faculties and departments. In order for it to do so, it must comply with numerous laws and regulations. The majority of these stem from pieces of legislation passed in both state and federal parliament.

So we can manage the numerous laws and regulations that are applicable to UQ, the Compliance Policy has been approved by Senate. The Policy is available at The Policy sets up a framework in which everybody takes ownership of their compliance responsibility.

Whose Responsibility is Compliance?

Everybody’s! Every member at UQ, especially staff members have an obligation to ensure that their activities are complying with the law. If we foster a culture of compliance, the program will seem like second nature.

How do I Comply?

The first step to meeting our obligations under the law is knowing what obligations we have. To do so, UQ has created the Compliance Register located at It contains a comprehensive list of legislation and guidelines that the University must comply with.

The Register is a live document, meaning that it is constantly being referred to, added and edited to ensure that it remains accurate and relevant to UQ.

Custodians and Accountable Officers have been assigned the role of monitoring and updating their own assigned piece of legislation. This does not mean that other staff members have no role to play. You are the expert in the particular legislation in which you work in. This means that you will know best if the Register does not reflect a particular piece of legislation or regulation accurately or if it has been amended/repealed altogether.

How do I use the Compliance Register?

The Compliance Register may be viewed by anyone. However, at this stage, only Custodians and Accountable Officers may edit the Register.

The Register can also be sorted by clicking any of its headings, which will sort the Register by the clicked heading.

Each entry in the Register is hyperlinked to the relevant Act of Parliament, as well as the relevant policy with the UQ Policy and Procedures Library.

Each entry in the Register can be expanded to show additional information by clicking the “Show More” button located on the right.

To print the Register, click the print button located towards the centre. This will convert the page into an easily printable format. To exit this mode, simply press the Esc key.

If you have found that an entry in the Register is wrong or needs updating, please contact your Accountable Officer so that it can be corrected.

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Reporting a Compliance Failure

The university encourages a proactive approach to reporting compliance failures. In the event of a compliance failure, staff must immediately notify their supervisors and relevant Accountable Officers.


The Compliance policy sets out the principles of compliance and can be found here at UQ Policies and Procedures Library.

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